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demential home care services

Dementia Home Care Services

Dementia is amongst the cruellest of illnesses, because it is especially hard on the family, who have to helplessly watch as their loved one becomes unable to care for themselves (or even remember who their loved ones are.)

The other cruel part is dementia almost never improves. Hence, care that focuses on happiness and wellness becomes paramount. This is why our homecare Dementia services are so important. We understand – fully – that “home is where the heart is”. In most cases, your loved one is clearly better off at home, where they feel the most comfortable. They’ve earned that.

At Individualised Care, we can make compassionate homecare not only a reality, but rather simple to work with as well. Just call us (or fill out the form on the right), and we’ll do the rest.

Our home healthcare workers are well-trained in assisting people with Dementia. Here’s an example of several points that we feel are vital:

  • We greatly respect the individual. Not just for who they are, but for who they were (which is vitally important to someone with dementia, who may think it’s 1973 this afternoon.)
  • We are flexible and tolerant, and truly listen. Our home healthcare workers actually enjoy people, and not there to nod their head and/or partake in 'jollying them along'.
  • Whenever possible, our patients are encouraged to make their own decisions. We can help make this easier by presenting “yes and no” choices, rather than complex questions (for example “would you like to wear trousers today?” as opposed to “what do you want to wear today?”) This seemingly small difference is actually an important distinction.
  • We show genuine affection in a way that makes everyone comfortable.
  • We will find things to do together, like creating a life history book and involving your loved one in different activities they enjoy doing. This is very important.
  • Privacy, cultural values, and mores are always respected (e.g. rules and customs, respectful forms of address, what they can eat, religious observances, prayer, proper clothing, etc.)

We also fully understand the importance of your loved one’s self-worth. Many people with dementia, particularly those in the early stages, know full-well that something is wrong, and that they need assistance. But they don’t like to be patronized, talked down to, or harshly criticized.

Other times, those with advanced dementia can have a hard time communicating clearly. We are trained to look for meanings behind words, and can often understand what it is that is being communicated. This comes with experience, of which we have a lot.

To find out more about our about dementia home care services, contact Individualised Care at 0208 004 7389, or email



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