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Individualised Care

Financial Planing

Individualiesed Care offer a full no obligation advise service to help you choose and arrange the best finance option to suite your personal circumstances. Please call 020752020 or email ifo for an immediate response.

The starting point for assistance from social services is the community care assessment. This is completely free and confidential. Importantly, your local authority is obliged to carry out this assessment regardless of your financial circumstances. If you have recently moved to a new area and are unsure of who your local Authority is please we call individualised Care for advice.

The care assessment is generally conducted by a social worker who will visit your home to assess your needs. This is not about carrying out lots of tests or invading your privacy; rather it involves listening to your views and wishes, learning about your day-to-day life and assessing how the council could help.
The social worker will consider your needs and how serious they are. This in turn helps decide the type of assistance the council can provide – if any. The criteria for this will vary between different councils but if it’s judged your needs are sufficient then you will be entitled to local authority help.

At this point your financial circumstances are taken into account. If you have more than a certain level of capital then you will have to pay the full cost of these services. Below this level you will need to contribute part of the cost and below a bottom limit you will not have to pay anything. Currently the levels are as follows, though there are minor differences nationally:

  • If you have financial assets (including property) of more than £23,250 you will usually be expected to pay all fees for care.
  • If you have assets that fall below £23250 you will be entitled to receive some or all of your care costs and remain living at home. If you remain living at home the value of your house is NOT considered as an asset for this assessment.

People value their independence and freedom of choice, by living at home there is also a financial advantage.

Direct Payments

A relatively new initiative being adopted by councils is Direct Payments. Once the council has determined you are entitled to care services you may wish to arrange these for yourself.

In this case the council will calculate the amount of money you are entitled to, considering the care needs which have been established. This amount is then paid directly into your bank account for you to spend on your care. You can choose whichever care provider you like and manage everything yourself. If you are in receipt of direct payment then you can purchase services directly from us. Individualised Care is actively providing people who are on direct payments. Please call 020 7520 2645 for more information.

Private Funding.

If you do not qualify for public funding or would simply prefer to fund your care privately there are a few options available to you. Individualised Care works closely with an independent advisory body called Care fees Investment Ltd. They have a wealth of experience in Advising individuals and families on the most appropriate ways of funding your Care. Please contact

Care Fees Investments Ltd
Contact: Mr Andrew Dixson Smith
Tel: 0845 0775 655

Individualised care has a wealth of experience in dealing with your financial planing. To find out more about how we can help, please contact our dedicated Care Team on 0208 004 7389, or email



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